I John 1:4

“These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.”

John’s joy was incomplete until he wrote and taught the truth about Jesus to his people. One reason for this was that he had no greater joy than to hear of his children walking in the truth (III John 4), and his letter enabled them to walk more ably in the truth. But it is also true that John’s joy in having fellowship with the Word of Life (I John 1:1, 3) had to overflow/bubble over into telling others about the Word of Life. Just like a husband’s delight in something that happened to him at work is in some way incomplete until he has come home and told it to his wife, in order that she might delight in it with him, so our delight in Jesus Christ is incomplete until we share it with other people, in order that they might rejoice in Him above all things as well. Like Paul, surely John was a worker for the joy of his people (cf.  II Cor. 1:24).

As I preach, teach, write, even blog – part of my motivation in doing these things needs to be so that my joy will be made complete, both by the sheer act of sharing what has captivated my own heart, and by seeing others growing in their own joy in Jesus.



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