The Weekly Review

David Allen, in his book Getting Things Done, recommends that you do a weekly review of all your commitments and action lists and projects and anything else you might need to review on a regular basis in order to possess the control you need to get things done. I’ve only recently started this practice, and it’s becoming a longed for time each week. To get clear, current, and creative about everything that is going on in my life has been a huge blessing. To take time to think and reflect on all that I am doing or want to be doing, where I’m at on projects, what’s falling through the cracks, what needs to get done in the coming week, what needs big chunks of time carved out in the coming weeks, etc., is something we all need much more than we think we do. We are sometimes so busy at doing our work, that we don’t stop to define our work – which is itself a needed part of our work!

The time of weekly review has been for me a time of prayer and mediation upon what God is doing in and through me; a time to get a handle on the chaos that has been created by the past week’s work; a time to prioritize for the coming week; and a time to think deliberately and soberly about my work, what I’m committing to, what I need to back off from, what just can’t get done anytime soon, etc. I still have a lot of kinks to work out in my own review, but I hope I never stop taking time in each week to meta-think about my work. Thank you, David Allen, for sharing your insights with us all.

If you’re not taking time to do a weekly review each week, you’re missing out tremendously. Read GTD. Practice GTD.



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