The Invigorating Nature of Rearranging Your Desk

This morning I did one of my favorite things, I rearranged my desk at work. The old layout of my work station was getting stale, and I was frustrated because it wasn’t working well for me. My biggest problem was that my desk chair was too far away from my filing cabinets, which meant that I was stacking things on my desk rather than filing them away immediately. David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, recommends having your reference files at arm’s length (check out this free article and this free article). If you don’t, he says, you probably won’t file, you’ll stack, and your desk will get more and more cluttered. I’ve proved him right, so now let’s see if putting my filing cabinets closer to me will enable me to file more quickly. The ironic thing is that my file cabinets were previously only about seven feet from my desk chair; but even that distance was a psychological stumbling block (or maybe I am just lazy).

Whenever I rearrange my office/desk I get invigorated to work harder, more efficiently; but eventually it gets stale. What does this say about me?



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