Are Capitalism and Consumerism Necessarily the Same Thing?

On pages 4-5 of this RTS magazine you’ll find a helpful article by Dr. Bruce Baucus that argues that free markets are not an equivalent to consumerism. It’s easy to lump things together that look alike, but Biblical distinctions are imperative. A quote to whet your appetite: “Although consumerist self-indulgence is the American way of life, it is antithetical to the life we were created and are called to live before God. Ironically, it is also incompatible with the free market, which belongs to the created order and is worth striving to realize. But a truly free market can only be realized through people who act justly, keep covenants and serve others (cf. Micah 6:8). The superficial notion that free markets are founded on greed and thus represent a post-Fall economic order misunderstands their nature and origin and, more importantly, what makes a free market truly free.”



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