God Has Lifted Up a “Horn” for Us

In Psalm 148:14, the Psalmist rejoices that God has “lifted up a horn for His people.” What in the world does this mean? In the Old Testament, God’s people were surrounded by rams, goats, bulls, etc. – animals with horns. The bigger the horn, the stronger and more dignified the animal. “Horn” became a symbol of strength, power, vigor, might, dignity. And so Psalm 148:14 is saying that God has given His people strength, perhaps in the person of the king; God has exalted His people. We find “horn” symbolism throughout the Psalms: 18:2; 75:4-5, 10; 89:17, 24; 92:10; 112:9; 132:17. We also see the language of a “horn of salvation” in I Samuel 2:1, which is picked up by Zacharias in Luke 1:69 as he meditates upon the coming of redemption demonstrated in the birth of John the Baptist.



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