Brimstone Creek at the Hoedown

We had our annual Grace Presbyterian Church Hoedown tonight, and it was a great time of food, fellowship, and bluegrass. Jack Elmore’s band, Brimstone Creek, entertained us all night – there was even a little dancing (we must have a lot of ex-fundamentalists in our congregation, or a lot of shy people; not many folks seemed interested in dancing to the bluegrass). I dressed up for the occasion, wearing the first pair of overalls I’ve ever owned (I can’t believe I’ve been gardening for nine years without owning a pair!).

Jack’s band hosts a bluegrass festival every April called Brimstock, and you should mark it down on your calendar. The website from the 2009 festival is here. They brought in Johnny Butten, the world’s fastest banjo picker (check out this 2 minute video of his world record accomplishment), and they always have a great line-up in a beautiful setting – literally down in a holler beside a creek. Lord willing we’ll be there in 2010, so if you’re interested let’s caravan together.

The Farmer


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