Macleod on Living in Light of the Incarnation

“There is this Philippian church torn by strife and discord. What is the whole problem? Each of them is insisting upon his rights, insisting upon the fact of his own dignity, insisting upon his gifts, his ability, insisting upon recognition. And what Paul does is almost savage. He takes the pettiness of these antagonists, these futile inter-congregational confrontations, places them in the appallingly cruel night of the incarnation and says, “How can you?” It’s a problem that we are bound to meet time and again as pastors. We shall observe it in the conduct of our own people, individual members saying, “I want my rights.” What is more, we’ll detect it in ourselves. And Paul is saying, “Live your life in the light of this: ouch harpagmon hegesato [He did not consider equality with God something to be grasped], He did not stand upon His dignity. He did not insist upon His rights. He did not parade His equality.” Paul is taking again the glory of the pre-incarnate decision, and relating it to the most mundane problems of the Christian church.”

(from The Humiliated and Exalted Lord, Donald Macleod)

SDG, Ezra


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