The Assurance Limited Atonement/Particular Redemption Brings

As I prepare to go the Lord’s table tomorrow morning, the words of Augustus Toplady’s hymn ring in my ears:

From whence this fear and unbelief,
Hath not the Savior put to grief
His spotless Son for me?
And will the righteous judge of men
Condemn me for that load of sin
Which Lord, was charged to Thee?

Complete atonement Thou hast made,
And to the utmost farthing paid,
Whate’er Thy people owed.
Nor can God’s wrath on me take place
When sheltered by Thy righteousness
And covered by Thy blood.

If Thou my pardon hast secured,
And freely in my room endured
The whole of wrath divine,
Payment God cannot twice demand,
First from my bleeding surety’s hand
And then again from mine.

Return my soul unto thy rest;
The sorrows of thy Great High Priest
Have bought thy liberty.
Trust in His efficacious blood
Nor fear thy banishment from God
Since Jesus died for thee.

Because Jesus didn’t die merely to make possible the salvation of every single person who has ever lived (the Arminian doctrine of unlimited atonement, universal redemption), but died to infallibly secure the salvation of all of God’s elect, all those the Father had given Him from before the foundation of the world (see John 6, 10, and 17), therefore the believer can have an amazing assurance and confidence. There is no way that God the just judge can ever punish me for my sin, because He has already poured out His wrath upon His Son on the cross. Complete atonement He has made – and therefore it must be limited only to the elect. The nature of the atonement informs the extent of the atonement.



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  1. Posted by ron thompson on January 29, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    I just completed Knowing God by J.I. Packer and he quoted this awesome poem. Is there a tune for it? I have been checking the internet and cannot find one. I want to so badly.


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