The Platform

Yesterday I wrote of a conveyor belt to describe how I felt at times. Another image that often comes to my mind is that of a platform – a large square platform situated upon a flagpole. I’m standing on top of it, trying to keep it balanced. Some days, I need to study. The platform leans to the east. In studying, I’ve neglected several members who are going through some difficult times, so I have to run back over to the west side to keep the platform from toppling over. But staying out of the office for too long leads to an administrative backlog, and to the platform topples to the north; I run southward to steady the platform.

It’s tough to balance all the parts of our lives and callings (I’ve only mentioned 3 of the 40-odd areas of responsibility I’ve identified for myself at home and at work). But the beauty of creation and redemption is this: CREATION tells us that we are finite, embodied creatures, who can only be one place at a time. Jesus is embodied as well, and completely understands this creaturely phenomenon. He could be at only one place at a time while on earth as well. He can only be at one place in His body even now, and that’s at the right hand of God. REDEMPTION tells us that we are loved in Christ; that the foolishness of our unbalanced, off-kilter lives is forgiven in Christ. All the poor decisions about how to use our time, all our laziness, all our anxiety, all our worrying, all our frittering away time on the internet, all our vain attempts at trying to please everyone, all our lack of being still and knowing that God is God – it’s all forgiven us in Christ. Therefore we can do whatever our hand finds to do with all our might, not being overly concerned that we should be doing something else (unless we really should be doing something else!). Be where you are, with whom you are, fully. Do what you’re doing well. And if you realize that you need to be doing something else during the next five minutes or five hours, then by the grace of God, do it! And give God the glory for His provision of labor. And then rest on the Lord’s Day.



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  1. Posted by Katy and Daniel on January 14, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Thanks for this as well.


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