The Marrow Controversy

Since I didn’t have to preach this Sunday because of the snow and ice, I have been able to work on some other writing projects. One of those is a presentation I am scheduled to give on the Marrow Controversy, an early 18th century theological debate within the Church of Scotland that has continuing relevance for today. I considered doing a PhD on this controversy after seminary, but it seemed to me that most of the work on the controversy had already been done sufficiently. Here is a detailed timeline of the controversy that I prepared that might interest those of you who are more familiar with it. For those of you not familiar with the controversy, I commend to you Sinclair Ferguson’s lectures on it. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish transcribing those soon (using Les Newsom’s transcriptions as a 95% completed starting point) and can post them.

On a related note, Marrow of Modern Divinity, with an introduction by Philip Ryken and another introduction by William Vandoodeward, is very disappointing. The introductions are excellent, especially that by Vandoodeward. But the way Christian Focus decided to structure the book is not user friendly at all, in my opinion (rather than Thomas Boston’s notes being footnotes to Edward Fisher’s text, they put his shorter notes in the sidebar, and his longer notes on separate pages under new headings; the latter are helpful, but it’s frustrating to try to read the text and flip back and forth between pages – the old edition is much easier on the eyes).



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