Beliefs Have Consequences

Russ Roberts, whom I am fairly certain is a practicing Jew, wrote this in his blog a couple of weeks ago:

“In synagogues around the world this week, Jews read from the Torah about the exodus from Egypt. The Egyptians believed you could take it with you, that your material possessions accompanied you into the next world. Much of Jewish practice is essentially anti-Egyptian. It is life-oriented rather than death-oriented. Religious Jews do not embalm and are buried in a simple wooden coffin, in a simple shroud, about as far as you can get from a pyramid. More importantly, Judaism emphasized that what you take into the next world aren’t your material possessions, but rather your deeds and their legacy. Whether you are a believer or not, it is hard to overstate the importance of this cultural belief in shaping our world.”

Christians need to think about what our practices surrounding death declare about our beliefs concerning life and the afterlife. Nothing is neutral; everything you do flows from your worldview. Do you think about the way your behavior and habits presuppose certain foundational beliefs, or do you just act mindlessly?



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