Assorted Thoughts on II Chronicles 10-12

1. It is striking that Solomon’s sin of having many wives and foreign wives is not mentioned with dismay by the Chronicler. It’s alluded to in 10:15 (cf. I Kings 11:29-39), but the rebellion and fall of the wisest and richest king ever in Israel is conspicuous by its absence. If I were teaching this, I would study hard to find out the purpose for this omission.

2. It’s interesting that Rehoboam listens to the words of the prophet of Yahweh in 11:4, having just rebelled against the counsel of the elders in chapter 10. Perhaps he was all too willing not to have to go into battle?

3. God is sovereign over bad things – the Chronicler makes this abundantly clear in 10:15 and 11:4.

4. Jeroboam made satrys – goat idols (11:15). This word also appears in Lev. 17:7, Isa. 13:21, and Isa. 34:14. It’s only translated “satyrs” in 11:15. A satyr is a half man/half goat, usually associated with Greek and Roman gods. It would be interesting to see what sort of goal idol this actually was.

5. The service of Yahweh is so much better than the service of any other person or thing (12:8). God sometimes gives us over to our sin, or to some trial, to teach us that obedience and slavery to Him is so much better than slavery to sin (cf. Romans 6).



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  1. Posted by That Liberal on February 24, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Was Solomon’s sin having many wives or having many foreign wives and allowing those wives to bring their gods into his household. (Considering the fact that many of the Patriarchs had a number of wives and even concubines, a practice that the writers of the OT didn’t really seem to condemn. David had many wives and concubines, but his sin was when he went outside his marriages, not his marriage)


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