I’m Back Online at Home

Charter finally came out and buried my new cable line today, so we now have internet at home again. It’s been a long five weeks. In some ways it was nice being unplugged. But when you have been used to being able to do things online as a part of your normal daily life, and when you need to do things online as a part of your job, it takes some time to adjust. The hardest part has been having to put off those two minute emails/searches until I get to my office. The two minute rule (“If it can be completed in less than two minutes, do it – because it’d take longer to track it on your lists”) is a huge trick of getting a zero inbox and getting things done, and so my GTD system has been a bit off kilter.

In any event, I hope to be a more frequent poster to this blog starting next week. I hope you are encouraged and spurred on by what you read!

Ezra and the Farmer


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