Great Quotes

“We are more ready to pray that to praise, and more disposed to ask God for what we have not, than to thank Him for what we have. Murmurings, complainings, and discontent abound on every side of us. Few indeed are to be found who are not continually hiding their mercies under a bushel, and setting their wants and trials on a hill.” (J. C. Ryle, 19th century English Anglican)

“Woe to the Presbyterian minister who imagines that he knows it all when he has gone through a full course at the Seminary, and does not then begin in earnest to teach himself all he can possibly learn during his whole ministerial life on every part of his course at the Seminary!” (John Bailey Adger, 19th century Southern Presbyterian)

“Some people bring happiness wherever they go, others when.” (A Baptist church sign I saw on Burgess Falls Road in Cookeville today)

“I’d rather have God without nothing than everything without God.” (Another Baptist church sign on Gainesboro Grade – the double negative makes this one even better!)



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