byFaith Spring Issue

I just got a chance to read the Spring 2010 issue of the PCA’s magazine, byFaith (check out Overlooking the fact that the magazine calls our current Moderator “Ben Bradley” rather than his correct name of “Brad Bradley,” and that there is the improper use of “begs the question” rather than “raises the question” on page 32, and (most embarrassing of all) that one article asserted at least three times that it’s Ephesians 2 that speaks of considering the interests of others above our own (it’s Philippians 2!), there were some very good articles in it. I particularly recommend Dick Doster’s interview with Ligon Duncan, and Dick Doster’s article on capitalism.

Doster gleans from David Hall and Matthew Burton, authors of Calvin and Commerce: The Transforming Power of Calvinism, this thesis: “…we know that economic decisions, like those in every category, stem from a worldview [they are NOT neutral]. They reflect our values and fundamental view of man, and while the Bible doesn’t prescribe a particular economic system it does provide a moral framework within which to make our choices. As Christians, our challenge is to recognize and – to the extent we’re able – create the system that fits best with what the Bible teaches.” He gives six features of a realistic, healthy economic system (you can read the whole article here):

1. Encouraging, not discouraging, creativity.
2. Encouraging, not discouraging, the creation of wealth.
3. Encouraging goodness and discouraging evil.
4. Recognizing that justice doesn’t demand equality.
5. Presuming man’s depravity.
6. Reflecting God’s heart for the poor.

We would all be more biblical economists if we read and meditated upon and practiced this article.

The Farmer


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