Let the Invisible Hand Work

If Spirit Airlines is wrong to charge $40 for a carry on bag, then do we really need the state to step in to fix the situation? No, people will just stop using Spirit Airlines, they will go out of business or change their pricing, and the airlines that charge the proper amount for carry on bags will prosper. This situation is a perfect example of the economic confusion that abounds in our country, as this editorial explains. No one is forcing anyone to fly with Spirit. Why should the state force them to lower their prices in the name of consumer protection?

The Farmer


One response to this post.

  1. Why should the government (or should we say GOVERNMENT) force a business to lower prices? . . . It would seem that the answer is: Because we now have five groups that view government as God:
    . . . The House; The Senate; The Executive Branch; The Supreme Court and The Governed Masses.
    Well at least, that’s proabably how ‘He who sits above the circle of the Earth with it’s inhabitants that look like grasshoppers’ might be seeing things at the moment.


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