You Don’t Need a Motion to Receive Reports as Information

This probably happens in your meetings as well – someone presents a report (of a committee, financial information, etc.), and another person makes a motion to “receive the report as information.” According to Robert’s Rules of Order, this motion is redundant: “A common error is to move that a report ‘be received’ after it has been read – apparently on the supposition that such a motion is necessary in order for the report to be taken under consideration or to be recorded as having been made. In fact, this motion is meaningless, since the report has already been received. Even before a report has been read, a motion to receive it is unnecessary if the time for its reception is established by the order of business, or if no member objects” (RRO, 490-491). So, Moderators, the next time someone makes a motion to receive a report as information, patiently explain to the mover that his motion is unnecessary, since you just received the report. And members of meeting, please stop wasting the time of the meeting by making this motion! They are usually long enough as they are.

The Farmer


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