PresFest Sunday Evening

This summer our presbytery is hosting the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America. This meeting happens every summer, but it doesn’t happen an hour and a half away every summer. So it’s a big deal.

This coming Sunday night is a great event that I encourage everyone from Grace Presbyterian to attend if at all possible – PresFest. Yes, the name is a bit hokie, but it should be a good time if you’re willing to make the drive to Nashville. Held at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, and running from 5:15-6:30, the Nashville Presbytery is hosting this event for several reasons: (1) to seek prayer for the success of the GA; (2) to solicit attendance at the GA by ALL OUR CHURCH MEMBERS; (3) to tell our church members what happens at GA; and (4) to sign up volunteers. Here’s the schedule of events:

5:15 – 5:25 pm           Welcome Music – Kevin Twit & Indelible Grace

5:25 – 5:27 pm           Opening welcome and prayer – Jimmy Couch
5:27 – 5:32 pm           Opening Song – Kevin and IG
5:32 – 5:37 pm           Wayne Herring talk on joy and experience for Memphis GA
5:37 – 5:40 pm           Paul Richardson shares a GA memory and Introduces Charles McGowan
5:40 – 5:55 pm           History/ Synopsis of what the GA and PCA are by Charles McGowan
5:55 – 6:00 pm           David Filson share a memory of GA and give intro to the theme/song Love Sing Wonder – Sing: Love Sing Wonder (played by Ruth Carlton)
6:00 – 6:10 pm           Scott Roley give the importance of being Presbyterian and invite all to the evening worship services
6:10 – 6:14 pm           Kevin promo Hymnsing – IG perform one song

6:14 – 6:17 pm           Information and Invitation of GA needs from congregants:
Women and Children’s Program
Money – go towards Youth Field Day

6:19 – 6:26 pm           Volunteer Sign up Request – Mike Tant
6:26 – 6:30 pm           David wrap up with final words and intro for closing song: The Church’s One Foundation



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