The Digital World

I mentioned an article in my sermon Sunday entitled, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Then a friend sent me this link to a documentary produced by PBS’ Frontline, entitled “Digital Nation.” I find myself much more on the side of those concerned by the way technologies are being used by modern culture, especially young people. I lament what we are losing, and question whether what we are gaining is superior. Particularly problematic seems to be the virtual relationships that exist on the Internet through gaming, Second Life, Facebook, My Space, etc. To embrace the virtual world to the degree some would desire seems to me a profound denial of the physicality of our humanity, which the doctrine of creation, incarnation, and resurrection all affirm in the strongest of ways. I certainly believe that culture is hurtling to the places these articles and documentaries discuss, but Christians need to be wise in the way they assimilate technology into their lives.

And again, I recognize the irony that I write this on a blog, read by people I will never meet in the flesh.

The Farmer


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  1. Posted by ThatLiberal on May 27, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    I haven’t seen the PBS documentary, but I did read the Google article (all the way to the finish). I think that the concerns these guys are raising are valid and have value, but the Google article was in need of some balance and subtlety. Just like every single new medium for communication, information, and education, we need to be aware of the risks of overuse.

    It just seems to be too easy to attack something that is new because we love the thing that we are used to. I think that the name of the game in this, just like in most other things, is moderation.


    • Posted by calebcangelosi on May 27, 2010 at 4:17 pm

      I agree that there is always positives and negatives with any new technology, but one thing I’d add to what you said is that there are risks not only with overuse, but also with USE. Not that we stop using the Internet (obviously, you’re reading this) – but we must seek to think about how our use of it affects other parts of our life, how it might be affecting our cognitive abilities in general, and how it affects our relationships. Not merely moderation, but deliberateness, is the name of the game. Caleb


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