A Southern Presbyterian and The Free Offer of the Gospel

Thomas Smyth preaching a free offer of the gospel based upon a limited/particular atonement: “Whether you were elected or not neither you nor I, nor any mortal knows, or can know. Whether you were individually and specially designated in the purpose and provision of the atonement neither you, nor I, nor any mortal knows, or can know. But this you and I do know, an atonement has been made. That atonement secures to everyone who truly believes and obeys the gospel, the Lord Jesus as a complete Savior, the Holy Spirit as a complete Sanctifier, and God as a reconciled God and Father. Of all this God in virtue of the covenant of redemption makes a sincere and hearty offer to every sinner, and to you in particular, an offer, not as the theory of unlimited/universal atonement would teach you of the possibility of salvation, but of Jesus Christ and in Him of a certain salvation. An actual, all-mighty and all-sufficient Savior with an actual and all-sufficient atonement are offered to you truly and sincerely by a God willing to be gracious, a Savior willing to redeem, and a Spirit willing to renew.”



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