Our Home is Like a Little Church

There’s a great little book that has just come out for children, entitled Our Home is Like a Little Church. It helps children (and fathers!) understand that what happens in church should be happening in the home, in both informal and formal settings: praying, singing, and reading God’s word. Fathers are the prophet, priest, and king in their home – we are the pastors of our little flocks – and we must be teaching our children God’s word on a daily basis. Regular family worship is so important, as are the conversations around the dinner table and in the car and out in the yard. Don’t forget how simple family worship is – sing the Bible, read the Bible, pray the Bible. All you need is a hymnal and a Bible, and a regular time (after supper works best for us right now). Keep it short: 10-15 minutes max. If your children are younger, start out with some narrative portion of the Scriptures. If they are older, consider doing an epistle of Paul. Rotate through the Old and New Testament. Use a children’s Bible storybook if that helps. I am thankful for little books like this that remind us of our duties: don’t delegate parenthood to schools or to the church!



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  1. Excellent advice! that I need to follow more


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