Preparing for Worship on Saturdays

This was in an LSU sports blog I frequently read: “Good morning, Tiger Fans. There are only 23 days before the start of the 2010 LSU football season – time to get those little odds and ends taken care of around the place so you’ll be free to watch the Tigers in person or on TV very soon.”

I was struck by the fact that sports fans, myself included, rearrange our schedule to watch our beloved team. We get the little odds and ends taken care of to make time for what is important to us. Here’s the question – do we take the same approach to the Lord and His Day? The title of this post is a play on words, of course. Many people worship at the altar of college athletics on Saturday, and they prepare for it on Fridays (if you’ve ever seen some of the tailgating parties I’ve seen down on the Bayou, you know that many folks probably tithe to the Tigers!). Do Christians prepare on Saturdays for worship on Sundays? Do we get things done on Mondays-Saturdays so that we can rest on Sundays? If we want to be free to worship God with all our hearts, with the whole day, let’s take a lesson from sports fans and prepare each week for the Lord’s Day. I.e., let’s apply what most of us do in one area to an even more important area.



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