Freedom and Frisking

In January and in April, I’m flying on an airplane – to Minneapolis and to Chicago, respectively, for the Desiring God Pastor’s Conference and the Gospel Coalition Conference, respectively. And so I’ve been reading about the TSA frisking/groping situation with an above average level of interest. Will I go through the naked body scanner, or let them touch me where the sun doesn’t shine?

At some point, someone needs to say (and it’s what I’m saying now), we are willing to endure a level of risk to enjoy our privacy and freedom. Yes, that man or woman or baby might blow me up on this airplane. But I’m willing to take that risk, to retain my dignity and my freedom from unreasonable searches. There are bound to be less egregious methods of scrutiny that protect our physical safety while we fly and our freedom while we live.

I hope TSA will find that balance before January. You’d think airline companies would help them find it if they start seeing a drop in passengers.

The Farmer


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