Some Thoughts on Mark 12:35-37

Here are some random thoughts from my studies in Mark 12 this morning:

1. Jesus uses a catechetical, Q/A method of teaching.
2. Jesus is about to die, but He’s still teaching – teaching and preaching the word were a key part of His mission, cf. Mark 1:38.
3. Jesus affirms that David spoke Psalm 110 in the Holy Spirit; thus 1) the authority of the Psalm titles is assured, seeing as it’s fundamental to Jesus’ argument in Mark 12; and 2) the divine inspiration of the Psalms is asserted.
4. Jesus was a good teacher – the crowds were hearing Him gladly.
5. Jesus is a teacher, the Christ, David’s son, David’s Lord, the exalted King at God’s right hand, the priest in the order of Melchizedek (cf. Ps. 110:4).
6. Jesus is King, and His enemies are in the process of being conquered – already and not yet – His rule has been inaugurated and will one day be consummated – so let’s pray every day, “Thy kingdom come!”



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