Out of the Mouth of Babes…

Tonight during family worship we were reviewing our catechism, and we got to the question, “What else did God give Adam and Eve besides bodies?” The answer is, “He gave us souls that can never die.” Beth Ann promptly asked, “We’re not going to die?” So we started discussing the fact that when we die our bodies turn back into dust but our souls don’t die – they go to be with Jesus if we are trusting in and love Him, and when Jesus returns we will be given new bodies.

All of which led Beth Ann to ask if we would go to the potty in heaven (don’t ask me the connection, that’s just what she asked). And pastor-theologian daddy was stumped. Obviously in the intermediate state we have no bodies, so no potty then. But what about in the new earth? Will our new bodies have urinary and digestive tracts? Jesus ate after His resurrection. Then what? Will our glorified bodies still produce waste, or will they handle it in some other way? Did Adam and Eve go potty in the garden of Eden? Or is waste a result of the fall? Not the most pressing theological questions, but Beth Ann wants to know, and I don’t know the answer.



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