Humanitas Forum Next Friday

Genes, Knives, Pills, and Electrodes:
Is Biotechnology a Remedy for the Human Condition?

Prepare to evolve!  Humans are obsolete, according to the transhumanists and many mainline scientists, medical researchers, and bioethicists.  The new biotechnologies should be used to usher in a new species of posthumans—beings radically different and vastly superior to homo sapiens in health, longevity, and intelligence.  Should gene therapy be used to create super athletes?  What about the use of genetic screening to produce “designer babies“—babies that are either designed to be crippled or free of certain genetic diseases?  What are the ramifications of breast enhancement, given to a still-developing teenage girl as a birthday gift from her parents? As alarming as we may find the futuristic posthuman vision, biomedical technologies have already begun to move us significantly in that direction.  Human dignity is the most significant cultural battleground of the 21st Century. This talk will examine several technologies that are being used to redefine and redesign what it means to be human.  It will also look at what Christians should do, and are doing, in response to these profound challenges to our humanity.

Admission: Free

Location: Cody Hall – Nashville State Community College, 1000 Neal Street, Cookeville, Tennessee

Details & Map:

Time: 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.)

Contact: Michael Poore, Director, The Humanitas Project, (931) 239-8735,


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