Update from the GPC Youth Mission Trip to Philadelphia

Some of our youth are in Philadelphia, PA, this week, serving in a variety of ways in the city. Here’s an update from Hannah Stewart about the work they did yesterday (Sunday) at a Kid’s Club after morning worship:

Today we helped out Liberti Presbyterian Church by playing and talking (sharing the gospel) with kids from 4 to 15 years old in an organization called Kid’s Club. I spent most of my time three kids: Khamaji, Bre-Bre, and Kyle. Kyle was a really interesting kid. At first he was extremely excited about being my friend and let me hold his hand and what not but he gradually became sort of upset me with me. Of course I was really confused so I asked him why and heres what happened.
Kyle: You made me mad
Me: I’m so sorry I promise I didn’t mean to! Can you tell me what I did to make you mad?
Kyle: You said you loved me.
Me: That’s right I did say that.
Kyle: Well you’re a liar! I only have people say that word to me if they’re liars!
Me: Kyle. I said I love you and I meant it. But you know what’s WAY more important than that? Jesus loves you even more than I do. And when Jesus loves someone I’m supposed to love them too. Does that make sense?
Kyle: I don’t know if I think that’s true.
Me: Well you can! It’s really fun to believe something that’s nice and true……..Still friends?
Kyle: Yeah girl we straight.

The girl I got to know was Brittany (Bre-Bre) and after a ton of bonding she ended up calling me Big Sis’. So we wrote our names and nicknames on rocks we found on a scavenger hunt and gave them to each other. So hopefully my actions were Christ like because I didn’t really talk to her about Jesus straight up.

Anyway the kid I spent the most time with was Khamaji. This kid rode on my back literally the ENTIRE DAY. But I loved it. Basically he adored me and vice versa. There is a TON I could say about him but I’ll just skip to the end. When I was forced to say goodbye to all the kids we ran up to each other and I picked him up. He kissed me and told me he loved me. So that pretty much tore my heart up…in a good way. And the he reluctantly went home with Kyle. While we’re talkin’ about goodbyes Brittany teared up when I hugged her and she said she’d miss her Big Sis. And of course I bawled in both of those situations… Morning church was great. Pastor Dave Whitehead from Manhattan talked about how we can’t run from God’s will, he’ll pursue us. I felt like like the sermon was very applicable to me. Like when he said we can’t change circumstances so God uses circumstances to change us. Between the church service and those mistreated kids God softened my heart for the first time in a long time honestly. I can actually see how He’s slowly changing my heart now and how I can help change the hearts of other people.

P.S I wanna move to Philly and live with one of the kids.

P.P.S I met a LOT of kids kids but those were the ones I spent the majority of the day with.

P.P.P.S It was unbelievable to see how God can use abused messed up dirt-poor kids to revolutionize and spark a desire for God in believers and non-believers. It made me wanna serve more than I ever have before. 



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