Update from the GPC Youth Mission Trip to Philadelphia – Monday

Here’s a new update from the Youth Group Mission Trip – this time from Molly Bleasdale:

So today we all helped move Ryan and Jodies apartment out. In the morning I cooked with Miss Mary for the day, then we took all the
things of the wall and brought them down 5 stories :/  and cleaned out everything. It went pretty fast and we where going to urban farming in the after noon which I thought was a great experience. The thing I liked most was the sense of trying to make an effort to create a community based system of getting your food. For instance Jess had given out food to the neighbor,  the guy next to them had some plants in there,  and this man Ben let them use his lawn mower for the grass. This little girl came and got some hot peppers and hoed a little, which was just adorable. We had to leave a little early so we could get dinner ready because Ruth, Jess, and Josh (some people from kids club) where coming over. It was really interesting conversation! We had met Josh and Jess before but it was the first time I had met Ruth. She was the start of kids club, and it was really fun talking to her. We sort of got to hear everybody’s stories and it was great fellowship time. It helped me to know how and what to pray about for these people.
— Molly Bleasdale


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