Update from the GPC Youth Mission Trip to Philadelphia – Tuesday

From the only young man on the trip, Cody Winston:

Okay, so this time its Cody. Oh where to begin….lets see, I need to guy talk haha. I miss my guy friends to talk to and hang out with, but other than that I adore Philly. Being able to be here and see how much different it is from being in big a city like this as opposed to Cookeville is Awesome. Yesterday we went to South Philly to walk around the market, where we met, took pictures, and shook hands with the famous Danny Devito!…in a cheese shop. Then we kept walking around and it started raining so we walked in the rain to this food place called Jims. They have some pretty good cheesestakes, not the best but still pretty good. after that we went to go help Ryan move all his stuff into his new apartment. Might i say that it was extremly aggrivating, but i think we all had a god day.  So we got a myriad of things done yesterday. Oh, and by the way I’m writting about yesterday because I was going to write this yesterday but the other computer was being stupid and wouldnt work. But all in all I’m having a great time. 

  -Love, The Brave One


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