William Plumer’s Farewell Letter to Central Presbyterian Church, Sept. 1862

I have created a new website devoted to the life and writings of William Plumer, the subject of my ThM work. I’d love to see a “Collected Writings of William Plumer” published, and I’d be willing to work toward that end – but honestly, how many people are going to buy it? (How many have bought Thornwell’s or Dabney’s Collected Writings?) What publisher would be interested? I’m appreciative of Sprinkle Publications and the work they have done bringing Plumer back to the light , and I suppose I ought to contact them one day to see if they have any interest. But until then, I’ll add to this new website all the works I have collected over the past year or so (special thanks to Kim Dykema at Puritan Reformed Seminary for her work in finding many works hidden away in libraries across the country!).

I’ve just posted Plumer’s Farewell Letter to the church he pastored during the Civil War – the church from which he resigned due to the controversy caused by his refusal to pray for the success and victory of the Union armies. I’m hoping to write on that story one day – unfortunately, the story is found in old newspapers, and to find them would entail trips to libraries I don’t have the time or money right now to visit. One day, Lord willing…

So, enjoy the website, and if you want to see more of what I post, either sign up to receive new posts in your inbox, or follow Dr. Plumer on Twitter (@WilliamPlumer).



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