My Brother Made ESPN

My brother Sean owns the Smoothie King just outside the North Gates of LSU, and he often uses his marquee to communicate witticisms to the student body, or in some cases, to particular individuals within the student body. This ESPN article mentions one such attempt – trying to get LSU quarterback Zack Mettenberger to get rid of his nasty looking mustache:

As for the mustache, which the junior started to grow in August camp, pledging to keep it growing until the Tigers lost, it got bad enough that a smoothie business just off the LSU campus hung this message on its marquee sign: “Z Mett, the 80s want their dirty stache look back.”

Mettenberger said it wasn’t the smoothie sign that did the mustache in — “I was very flattered and honored that I made the sign,” he insisted — but the offense that inspired the new look.

“The offensive woes,” he said “was the biggest deciding factor to shaving the mustache.”

Here’s hoping the lack of a ‘stache helps him throw better and his receivers catch better. In the meantime, go Sean for making ESPN.


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