Piety is Neccesary for Cheap Usefulness

William Swan Plumer, in his discussion of the qualifications for a call to gospel ministry, mentions first the necessity of piety. This piety must be real and not feigned; practical and consistent; somewhat matured; and unimpeached by the world. He states provocatively, “Piety must be at the foundation of any long continued and cheap usefulness in the church. The phrase ‘cheap usefulness’ is not employed without design. For it is not impossible for a man without piety, and under the influence of ambition, or false zeal, to be useful to some extent; but it will be at a tremendous expense. In compassing some good, he will create a world of mischief. At least his good, which perhaps first appears, will be followed by a train of evils, that may not cease their operation on earth in a century. Indeed, men of some real piety may do this in many ways; and how much more, men without it!”

May the Lord give us cheap usefulness all our days.



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