John Lafayette Girardeau’s poetry on justification by faith alone

(HT: David Calhoun, Our Southern Zion)

Nothing to pay? No, nothing, to win
Salvation by merit and law and from sin;
But all things, to buy, without money and price,
The wine and the milk of a free Paradise.

Nothing to do? No, not to procure
A heaven, by infinite blood made secure;
But all things, with labor and sweat of the face,
To honor my Savior and magnify grace.

What of the law? Its thunders were stilled
Against my poor soul, by the blood that was spilled;
But the hands which were nailed to the wood of the Tree
Now wield its commands to be honored by me.

Nothing of guilt? No, not to my God,
As Judge and Condemner, uplifting His rod;
But, ah, I am guilty of breaking His Word
In the house of my Father – the Church of my Lord.

What am I waiting for? Spare me a while
To tell of Thy love to a sinner so vile!
Then take me to heaven, which is not my due,
And give me the crown of Fidelity, too!


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