A Letter on the Death of a Child, by William Swan Plumer

One of my best friends and his wife just lost their daughter, at the tender age of 44 days. The funeral service will be this Saturday. Pray for the Vick family to know the steadfast love and peace of the Lord, which passes all understanding; pray that they will experience Him binding up their broken hearts; pray that they will grieve with great hope and comfort in the resurrection; pray that they will weep tears of sorrow mingled with tears of joy; pray that the light of life – Jesus – will shine upon their darkness; pray that the God of all comfort will enable them to receive His comfort and give His comfort to others who will suffer as they have suffered; pray that their joy will be in the salvation of their God and the God of their salvation as they are distressed by this trial, accounted by Him as necessary for their sanctification; pray that the graces of the Spirit, which “grow best in winter,” will spring up to life in due time; pray that many will be converted and conformed to Christ through their testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

About 150 years ago, Dr. William Plumer wrote a letter to a friend who had lost a child (scroll to the bottom of the page). May it bless us as we mourn.



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