Daily Plumer – Hebrews 1:5 – The Better You Know the Bible, the More You’ll Benefit from Your Preacher’s Preaching

“We ought to study God’s word and become familiar with it, so that when God’s ministers appeal to it we will know the truth of their doctrines, v. 5. Yea, we should be so versed in scripture that when an appeal is made to its general contents, we should know the truth of what is said. Nor should our knowledge be confined to any part of God’s word, nor merely to what it teaches. We should also know that it does not teach things, respecting which it is silent. Patterson: ‘Much use may be profitably made of the Old Testament, and that with a direct reference to him, ‘the Prince and Saviour,’ whom the New with greater fulness and precision has revealed.’

As the comparison of passages in the two Testaments may explain the meaning, and vindicate the inspiration of the Old, so may it cast a clear and steady light upon the New. Gouge is right when he says, ‘A negative argument from scripture is a good argument.’ Let men fairly utter the challenge for a proof from God’s word, and, if it cannot be adduced, we need not regard the religious doctrine asserted by any one to be on considerable importance, nor of binding force.”

(These hopefully daily remarks come from William Swan Plumer’s 1872 commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews.)



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