Daily Plumer – Hebrews 1:1-7 – Proofs of the Divinity of Jesus Christ – No. 3 – He is Creator

C. He is Creator, and so must be divine, v. 2. Lindsay: ‘God is declared in the most unequivocal and unlimited terms to have created all things; Christ is declared in language equally unequivocal and unlimited to have created all things.’ ‘What things soever the Father doeth, these also the Son likewise,’ John 5:19. By Jesus Christ God made all things – Diodati: ‘All temporal things, subject to the course, divisions, and successions of time, Heb. 11:3. Or, all the parts of the world, according to the manner of the Hebrews.’ He made the glorious invisible world. He made the world of lights and stars above and around us. And he made the world we inhabit.”

(These hopefully daily remarks come from William Swan Plumer’s 1872 commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews.)



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