Daily Plumer – Hebrews 1:1-7 – Proofs of the Divinity of Jesus Christ – No. 5 – He is the Express Image of the Father’s Person

“Christ’s divinity is further proven, E. By his being the express image of the Father’s person, v. 3. He is not a faint likeness, a feeble resemblance, but the express image of the Father. Tong: ‘In beholding the power, wisdom and goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ, we behold the power, wisdom, and goodness of the Father.’ Christ himself taught this very doctrine in terms unmistakable. See John 14:7, 9.

Dickson: When ‘Christ is called the express image of the Father’s person, the similitude is borrowed from a signet’s impression, which representeth all the lineaments of the seal. Then 1. The Father is one person, and the Son is one other person of the Godhead, having his own proper subsistence distinct from the Father. 2. The Son resembleth the Father, fully, and perfectly; so that there is no perfection in the Father, but the same is substantially in the Son.’

Gouge: ‘This resemblance doth, so far as an earthly resemblance can, set out these mysteries: 1. The Son is begotten of the Father, Ps. 2:7. 2. The Father is made manifest in the Son, Col. 1:15. 3 The Son is equal to the Father, Phil 2:6. 4 The Father and the Son are distinct each from other, John 5:32; 8:18.’”

(These hopefully daily remarks come from William Swan Plumer’s 1872 commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews.)



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