Why is God’s Salvation in Jesus So Great? William Plumer Answers…

1. It is God’s salvation, devised, executed and applied by him. It is God’s greatest work, the only work that cost him any humiliation.

2. It is great because of the vast multitudes benefitted by it.

3.  It is great because it saves from so terrible a curse, even the wrath of God and a lake of fire. It puts away all guilt in a way honorable to God, and actually invests with perfect righteousness.

4. It is great in its power to rescue men from sinful inclinations and habits. It takes the vilest and washes him clean.

5. It imparts amazing constancy and courage. It has converted the young, the timid, the feeble into intrepid martyrs, and that by the million.

6. Then it has such sovereign power to subdue the mightiest passions of the human heart, taming man’s ferocity, and brining into captivity every thought and imagination.

7. And it kindles such a flame of love in the human family, extinguishing feuds, banishing old hatreds, bringing forth such forgiveness to enemies and such good will to all.

8. Nor is there any thing else that so brings peace on earth and good-will to man. The very atmosphere it creates is heavenly.

9. Look at its power even here to disarm death of its terrors. There are old minister, who have mingled with the sick and dying for half a century, and who have never yet seen a follower of Christ die an undesirable death.

10. Nor does all creation bring such glory to God as the gospel of his Son, the salvation we celebrate.

(from William Swan Plumer’s Commentary on Hebrews, page 71).



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