When God says no…

Moses wanted to go into the promised Land. God said no emphatically – Deut. 3:23ff. There are times that God will say no to us. But Moses’ pleading is a great picture of what Jesus speaks of in Luke 18 – don’t stop asking till God has clearly and emphatically said No. Obviously we don’t have direct revelation like Moses did, so we may not be as sure the answer has been given. So keep pleading. But if you realize the answer is No, it sometimes means it’s a Yes for someone else – as in Moses’ case. So don’t be discontent or jealous, but trust and obey. The Lord is righteous (II Chron 12), and sometimes His “No’s” are His discipline. Choices have consequences, as Moses learned the hard way. Other times God’s No’s are discipline in a positive sense – He wants to make us stronger, increase our faith, as in Paul’s case in II Cor 12. Don’t stop praying, and don’t stop trusting.


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