William Plumer on suffering

Commenting on Hebrews 12:6, William Plumer writes, “[A proper response to our afflictions] consists in unmurmuring patience, hopeful constancy, refusing to charge God foolishly, justifying God, doing our duty, and leaving the issues of our whole case with the Almighty. To this course the apostle urges us by the consideration that we are His sons, and that God is dealing with us, not in wrath as an angry judge, but for our good, as a wise and loving father, for ‘whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives’… If God was dealing with His people as He will finally deal with His incorrigible foes, well might they pine away, and say all is lost; but as every stroke proceeds from love wisely directed, it is folly and wickedness to behave badly either by desponding, or by hardening our hearts. If there is no wrath in the cup our heavenly Father holds to our lips, we should at once drink it, however bitter its ingredients.”


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