15 ways we walk out of line from the truth of the gospel…

1. Unforgiveness – if God has forgiven us in Christ so much, we cannot withhold forgiveness.

2. Fearing man – if God has accepted us, we need not care what others think about us.

3. Adding something to Christ’s work – if salvation is by faith plus anything else, we have destroyed the gospel.

4. Prideful self-righteous superiority – we can never think that we’re not that bad, or that we’re better than others, or that our good deeds commend us to God.

5. Anxiety/guilt – we must not forget that God accepts us in Christ’s sake, not because we don’t sin or do everything right.

6. Failing to evangelize – if we were saved by grace through the word, then that same grace can save others through the word.

7. Failing to love the poor – we can’t forget that we are poor in God’s sight.

8. Failing to respect unbelievers – sometimes they might be more moral than we are.

9. Impatience – remember how patient God is with us!

10. Uncompassionate – remember how compassionate God has been toward us!

11. Fearing to be who we are/living a fake and superficial life – God has created us and saved us so that we might be honest with our weaknesses and struggles.

12. Living as if holiness doesn’t matter/thinking lightly of sin – without holiness no one will see the Lord; justification always flows into and leads to sanctification.

13. Hating the law – we must see the law as something we are free to fight to obey, rather than the means by which we’re saved.

14. Reading Scripture becomes something we hate, or something that we use as a bargaining chip with God – we must always see the word as food for our new life in Christ.

15. Becoming overconfident in our ability – we must take heed lest we fall; for we are feeble and frail.


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