Watch how cars are made and be made amazed…

If you have ever wondered how cars are assembled today, and have 15 minutes, check out this video of how the BMW F30 3-Series is produced. Incredible. And here’s a good quote from Don Boudreaux, economics professor at George Mason University, about the small number of humans in the video: “[T]o any of you who watch this video and lament the fact that so very much of the work that was once done by humans is now done by robots, I’ve a question for you: if a bizarre meteorological event occurs that causes millions of brand-new automobiles – indistinguishable in quality, comfort, and performance from the 2014 models now rolling off of the assembly lines at BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, etc. – to rain down safely into everyone’s driveways and parking spaces, would people, as a result, be made richer or poorer?” (from Cafe Hayek).


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