Parents, prepare your children to be missionaries when they grow up!

John Leighton Wilson, 19th c. Southern Presbyterian missionary, has this to say about the responsibility of parents to interest their children in the great cause of global missions:

“We take it for granted that some of those we are now addressing are mothers; and the duty which we wish to enjoin, is, that you train up your children with reference to the missionary work. We would not have you take them out of the hands of God, and shape their future course according to your convictions of their duty. This is the prerogative of Jehovah, which even a parent may not usurp. All that we propose is, that you endeavour to interest your children in this great cause; let them understand that a command has been laid upon the church, to preach the gospel to every creature on the face of the earth; inspire them with enlarged views of duty; so that when they come to decide the question, to what great object they will devote their lives, they may decide it intelligently and with hearts overflowing with love and compassion for a perishing world…We do not suppose that parents can reconcile themselves to the idea of giving up their children to the missionary work, without a struggle. It would be but natural for them to wish to see them settled around them, occupying stations of usefulness and distinction in their native land, and enjoying comforts which the industry of parents has heaped up for them. But of how little importance will it appear to you and to them on a bed of death, whether they have lived here or in a foreign land, provided they have been walking in the path of duty! How indescribably insignifi­cant and contemptible must appear all the comforts and luxuries that you may lavish upon them now, provided they shall not have devoted all their energies to that one great object of advancing the Redeemer’s kingdom on earth.”

For the while sermon from which this quote is taken, click here


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  1. Very challenging.


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