With William Plumer in Romans, Day 1 – Morning

I have had the privilege this year of reading William Plumer’s commentary on Romans for one of my ThM classes. At the end of every section, after his exegesis of the text, he has a substantive “Doctrinal and Practical Remarks” section filled with rich spiritual fare for hungry souls. As the commentary is out of print, I’ve often thought that it would be well worth my time to try to get at these remarks reprinted in some form or fashion. But how many people would buy a devotional book based on the writings of a 19th century Southern Presbyterian? Not enough to persuade any publisher to take on the project, probably. So I’ve decided that through this blog I’m going to self-publish Plumer. Lord willing it will be a morning-and-evening type of post, to enable you to walk through the book of Romans slowly with a man who loved the Lord and His Word, and loved to apply it deeply to the hearts of God’s people. Some entries are long, some are short, but the plan is to work through them all in a year (I’m sure I’ll miss some days, so it will likely take longer than a year). Hopefully all will be encouraging, convicting, and refreshing. I read the New American Standard Version, but Plumer used the King James Version, so I’ll be writing out both before giving Plumer’s remarks and the page(s) from which they are taken. Enjoy!

Romans 1:1
NAS – Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God…
KJV – Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God…

“We can never too much admire and adore the wisdom and mercy of God in taking the gifted, learned, bitter persecutor of Tarsus, changing his heart, sending him to preach to the nations, and inspiring him to write for the edification of the church in all future ages the epistles he has left us, and in particular this great doctrinal discussion, which more lucidly and logically than any other one book of Scripture shows to men the way of salvation.” (Romans, 39)


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