Tim Keller, “The Original PCA Contract” (August 1999 paper)

In doing some work in the Minutes of the PCA General Assembly last night, I came across a reference to a 1999 paper by Dr. Tim Keller entitled “The Original PCA Contract.” A little Google searching turned up the paper on the Puritan Board. I didn’t realize this paper existed (I suppose it’s an earlier version of Keller’s later “What’s So Great About the PCA”), but it is a fascinating read from the standpoint of the history of the PCA – both our early history, and our history going back to 1999. It gives (to those of us who weren’t a part of the PCA in 1999) some helpful context for our current debates. The divisions within the PCA are not a new thing.

(If the version of the paper I have posted is inaccurate, please let me know.)


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