Humanitas Forum on Friday, February 7th

On Friday night, February 7th, at 7:00 p.m. at the TTU School of Nursing, the Humanitas Forum welcomes Jonathan Morrow to speak on the topic of The Reason for the Hope that is Within You: Contending for the Faith in a Post-Christian Culture.

Mike Poore, the director of the Humanitas Forum (and a new member of Grace Presbyterian Church!) write about the upcoming forum, “How do you talk with an unbelieving friend about Jesus Christ?  What do you say to a friend who is ready to give up on Christianity after reading the New Atheists?  How do we address the various barriers to belief that arise when talking about our faith?  Presenting and explaining the Gospel requires apologetics as well as evangelism.  The Apostle Peter instructs us to be “prepared to give a reason for the hope” that we have in Jesus Christ. In this talk, Jonathan Morrow will discuss what it means to contend for the faith in our increasingly secular age:  why Christians need apologetics, three things Christians need to know, and three aspects of defending the faith.  He will conclude with a case for Christianity that everyone can learn.”

If you’re in Cookeville, try to make it if you can.



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