Plumer’s Piety – William Swan Plumer on Law & Gospel, and Preaching

“The great folly of even good men is that too often they forsake the rock of their salvation; they rely on works, so that the law with its sharp, flaming, two-edged sword must be called in to slay legal hopes as often as they revive. Whenever believers go to Sinai for salvation, its words of terror, its thundering and lightnings must be let loose upon them; if they cannot be drawn thence, hope will die within them, and terrors will consume them. Mount Sinai is far from Jerusalem; but Mount Calvary is hard by [very near] it. Ministers whose preaching discourages a law-work in the soul, are not wise; those, who have been the most soundly troubled in conscience, commonly cleave most closely to the gospel method of mercy. The law is still a schoolmaster to bring men to Christ; the nearer we are to the law as a covenant, the farther are we from Christ, from deliverance.”


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