The Glory of Genesis 3:15

“As the oak, perfect and entire, is in the acorn that buries itself in the soil, and expands and extends an ever perfect life till it becomes the gigantic monarch of the forest ; so the entire gospel of redemption was in that germinal promise concerning “the seed of the woman” which, buried in the clods of a wasted Eden, shot forth its life parallel with the growth of humanity. Now it appears as the tender twig of promise to Enoch and Noah; now the vigorous sapling to the faith of Abraham; now the refreshing shade tree leafing out in the gorgeous ritual of Moses; now the well-known pilot’s signal tree that guides the course of David and Isaiah; now putting forth its blossom of plenteous promise in the Gospel of John the Baptist; and now bearing the rich harvest of ripe fruit in the preaching of the Apostles under “the ministration of the Spirit.” Thus through all the ages, and in all the divers manners of its communication, it is one and the same Gospel, embodying the same great truths in its various stages of development.” — Stuart Robinson, Discourses of Redemption, p. 20-21


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