Have you read this letter from George Whitefield to John Wesley yet?

If you’re new to Reformed theology, it may well be that you’ve never seen this correspondence between the two great leaders of British evangelicalism of the 18th century. In 1740, George Whitefield (a Calvinist) wrote a response to a sermon preached by John Wesley (an Arminian). In the sermon Wesley had raised five objections to Calvinism: 1) that it makes all preaching vain, since if they are elect they will be saved even without preaching; 3) that it destroys holiness; 3) that it destroys the comforts of religion, the happiness of Christianity; 4) that it tells us that millions have been condemned to hell “without any preceding offense or fault of theirs”; 5) that it has a tendency to overthrow the whole Christian religion. In his letter Whitefield addresses each objection in turn, showing where Wesley misunderstands Calvinism, and where his own teaching is out of line with the Scriptures. If you want to learn more about the doctrines of grace, this is must reading.

Make sure to check out Iain Murray’s historical overview as well.



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