Here’s why you should want to go to church this coming Sunday…

“To there let me go, with willing feet, on the morning and evening of every Sabbath; to there a sense of guilt should urge me; to there the hope of mercy should draw me; there God the Father waits to be gracious; there God the Son exhibits his atoning blood, and God the Holy Ghost his sanctifying grace. With so much sin to confess, with so many mercies to acknowledge, with such darkness in my mind, and such hardness in my hearts, how can I absent myself from the Lord’s house on the Lord’s day! There a crucified Saviour holds forth wisdom to the ignorant, strength to the weak, comfort to the broken-hearted, pardon to the penitent, and salvation to the lost.”

(William Swan Plumer, from “The Law of the Sabbath Still Binding”)


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